jueves, 7 de octubre de 2010

Welcome to the easy rides around the old town center of Buenos Aires

By EASY RIDING we not only mean that we LOVED so much that movie, and want to keep on remembering it... But it also means that, if you don´t have the time and the interest to take expensive buses, and you don´t like to go to the mainstream places-- prepared only for tourism, quickly and frenetically just to take the pictures and go... Take it easy. Then you have an option. I´d love to get to know you, and tell you how it´s like to have been raised in here, and how it all happened and changed.
An easy ride, chatting spontaneously while waiting for the bus to come, walking, getting into special places maybe not prepared for you, but happy to welcome you. Friends` houses in the heart of the old town. Artists´ ateliers just in front of Caminito. Interesting bands, cool movies played in bars where locals go everyday. We can get in, and you will be off the regular circuit. Bars and restaurants that receive the real, regular people from the city everyday. What this culture really means... Don´t leave Buenos Aires thinking that you got it.. if you spent the whole time in your hostel lobby!

Get mixed with us; come indoors, meet my friends. Be a porteño for a day or two!

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  1. Before I got to BA I didnt know where to start from since its such a big place... I heard about Easy riders from a friend who did it a few months ago and highly recommended it.
    I went on a one on one brilliant tour with Ana to Boca and San Telmo on my first day in BA.
    I found the tour very interesting, Ana planned the tour according to my interest areas which I found refreshing and made it feel like more than just a tour, it was a perfect combination of learning about the history of BA, meeting locals, enjoying the local food, shopping and culture.
    highly recommended!!!