Lindsey and Ned were my first official riders ever, and here she is, messing around the tumbs at Recoleta cemetery.
And, as they talk about beginner´s luck... they were happy... and I was happy to work for them too.

England, Sweden, Holland... and Argentina, just in one pic.
This actual 13-people group was mainly from Ostinatto hostel.
I had to do it both in spanish and english because there were also a few chileans on it.

A vitraux from XVIII century; at one of the first churches ever to be built in Buenos Aires, 
the iglesia de Santo Domingo, in Montserrat.

With Llani, from Berlin, at fundación Proa.
We were flipped with the colourful, brilliant, psychedelic walls.
("Girly walls" we called them).

Painter Quinquela Martín´s actual kitchen: cheerful, colorful, 100% La Boca style.

With Erik, from Norway, at Museo Quinquela Martín. 
  He is very into photography, so we checked out some Marcos López photos, and took the time not only to review the history, but to speak honestly about what it´s like to live here,
be an artist here, etc.

With Florencia, a local friend that joined us afterwards, and Erik, in La Coruña, typical bar from San Telmo.
We had a few drinks in there, while commenting on the spanish-inspired, simple, a little bizarre decoration of the place.

This is Silva Bajerová, a tourist guide in Prague!
She went to Perú and Chile before arriving in Arg--where she not only did Buenos Aires,
but also Córdoba, Santa Cruz and Jujuy.

Checking out some argentinian groovy art books...

Tim (from London), Joseph (from California), and... "la mano de Dios"!

Graffitis of San Telmo

Albertina, from Milano. She´d just arrived from Brazil, where she spent two months. She´d also lived in Madrid and Paris. She´s a notorious documentarist and a flamenco specialist: she made impressing documentaries on that dance and also on brazilian favelas. So it´s been very cool getting to know her!

We walked through the streets of La Boca, not only around the usual "two blocks" -Caminito-,
but also into the neighborhood itself.

Typical interiors from San Telmo: Friends´ houses we take our easy riders to.

Valentine, the tango dancer, being a Boca fan for one day!

 San Telmo street art

A very cool Ostinatto hostel group (New Zealand, England, Germany..) of:
educators, marketing people, echonomists, you name it!
And, of course, la Negra, owner of Pedro Telmo Restaurant.

Detail of the Mercado de San Telmo-- San Telmo market.

A little stop-by at Los 36 Billares
Valentina is a russian lady who lives in Paris and is an official tourist guide.
Aaron, from North Carolina, US, is specialized in business and speaks perfectly portuguese and spanish. He just arrived from Brazil and is going to Madrid to work there for several months.
Nick also specializes in business, was born in Bosnia, and lives in North Carolina.

Nick and Aaron.... they were so cool and so interested!
Avenida de Mayo and Montserrat from the roof of Palacio Barolo
-a building constructed in a time when Buenos Aires was all about splendor, elegance, and buena vida-

Very nice group from: Vancouver, Amsterdam, Ottawa

All-classic La Boca stencil: Diego Maradona is some sort of saint here.
We´ll figure out why.

Adam, Zack and Jonathan, from Sydney.

It was so funny, because it was all so new and exciting to them, first day ever in BA.
They went to class with me afterwards (at university), to check out an actual "argentinian class"...
but had to leave (it was so obvious that they were strangers and someone was definetely going to kill me!)

More of San Telmo graffiti art

Vicky and Sam from Dublin, at the Museo de la Ciudad,
before we ended up tasting some empanadas at La Americana

Sam with one of our favorite graffitis, at Rivadavia st., near the Congreso

Ostinatto hostel group from: England, France, US, and Denmark.

Naomi and John, from Tasmania

Louise Bourgeois exhibition

Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany... and Carlo Pelella´s atelier.

Jan and Mika from Brussels
By the way... I took your donuts, and I didn´t mean to! Sorry guys! Just happened!

Fernando, a spontaneus La Boca-guide, shows Isaura, a very nice italian girl that
lives in Switzerland, a bit about our italian backgrounds.

At Marjan Grum´s museo-conventillo: three slovenians meeting in La Boca! Isn´t it weird?.. 
.. Actually no: that is what Buenos Aires is all about.

Carmiña and Cinthia from Asunción, Paraguay.

Very nice group of people from: Portugal, Brazil, and Austria.
Maman: the famous sculpture..
And the little baby cat, we found starving in La Boca, and saved!
Louise Bourgeois exhibition.

Undine, from Berlin

England. Australia. California, Argentina, and the great Carlos Gardel!
Oh and, of course, Martín Lapalma, the artist: sorry Martín. Head cut off.

  With Eric, Barbara and Jessica.. nicest people on earth!

Sandra and Dave from Holland. We spent two days walking
through the downtown and La Boca together; how nice people!!!!...

Ginette and Johnny, from Scotland and Ireland, and currently living in London!
WOW, extra nice and sweet people.

Ayami from Japan!

Very cool afternoon with the girls from Letonia, Ireland, and England!
We ended up drinking beers at Lo de Luca.

Observing the architectural influences of the Congress
(and their relation to our cultural imaginary and ways of living)

Thanks Valda for the pic! Cheers!! :-)


Nina and Emanuel are social workers from Sweden.
Therefore we shared a typical locro in a community eating place in La Boca
on May 25th, our national independence day.

So... what´s a conventillo? What´s the deal with argentinian immigration?
What about the italian influence?
And the african?
What´s it all about tango?
Let´s figure it out...

Cheers Faisel for the pics!...

Jim from US, at La Boca

The incredible Casa de los Lirios

Visiting artists´ ateliers

Francesco and Sophie from Belgium, and Alejandro from Misiones

San Telmo graffiti art

Porteño subway: Our favorite line; the A
Joachim, an electronic ingeneer, was patricularly fascinated by these old trains.

With Joachim (from Frankfurt, staying at Tiana Hotel) at the Pizzería Güerrín.
A little sleepy here, and very wet there; ultra rainy morning in BA.

The extremely easy rider distracted as usual and
saying hi to the animals instead of working as God demands.

Thank you very much Joachim for the pics; have a great life and until next time!

With Lin Da, Hong Kong, checking out Buenos Aires´ historic area

We had a nice time sightseeing La Boca and analyzing the differences and similarities
between Spain, Ireland and Argentina, with Rosana from Madrid, SP and Gary from Wexford, southern Ireland.

We talked about wars, immigration, Perón, Maradona, the world echonomy, catholicism, and the Greek crisis.
Not bad for 3 1/2hs!...

Lin Da, from Hong Kong, took this picture of me with 
the stencil of the man that went to jail for defending the animals....
Thanks 4 the pic Lin Da! Best for you!

Thank you Eva, Eva (both from Stockholm), Manuel (Colombia, Stockholm) and Pablo (Mar del Plata, AR).
Wow! Eva first from the left is related to INGMAR  BERGMAN!
Persona, what a film!!

Claire and Catherine, from Chicago: They saw BRIAN WILSON LIVE, opening for Paul Simon!!

Shira is  a account from Israel, and is currently living in Sydney.
We did our "double-daily tour" (La Boca, San Telmo, a little of the Old Town), and the next day we did a little night tour too: Theatre in Avenida Corrientes, and some partying in a big artists´ atelier, in San Telmo



Brianna, Rani, Katrina (all of them from Australia), Constanza (fashion designer) and one of  Martín Lapalma´s paintings... 
Oh! and VENEZUELA!! (the cat)
Simpatiquísimo: Lele d`Italia!

Group of Language students from Santos Lugares, Argentina
(April, 2nd - 2012).

Erica, from Ohio, enjoying some graffiti in San Telmo

Claudia and Markus, Viena, Austria. Good people!

A coffee stop with Ayesha, from Denmark-- currently living in London.