our recommended places to check out, or get stuff, while staying in BA

Pedro Telmo: Bolívar 962, San Telmo. Typical fonda where you can have any kind of argentinian regular meals: pizza, pasta, meat, salads, shakes, tortillas, drinks. Of course... Easy Riders will recommend you: vegetarianism.
The prices are okay. Specially if you bring our flyer.

Los 36 Billares. The 36 pool tables. Typical bar-restaurant at Avenida de Mayo 1265, downtown. Pools and domino matches in the basement... shows and tango, from time to time. Not as glamorous as the café Tortoni.. but cheaper. Best coffee in town. Yes, you can mention us too, and you´ll be extra-welcome.

Bar Británico. Defensa st and Brasil st, San Telmo-- in front of the place where Pedro de Mendoza founded Buenos Aires for the 2nd time. I was born and raised up this bar so imagine if I´ve got histories to tell about it. And let me tell you... it´s so real. Here´s where Borges and Sábato, the writers, used to hang out at. Intellectuals, shrinks, coffee, political, social meetings... the argentinian way.

La Coruña. Bolívar st and Carlos Calvo st., San Telmo. You don´t want to leave BA without experiencing the real gallego bar of San Telmo, the real fonda, the actual meeting point for the spiritual, the chaotic, and the bohemian.
Ask for a grapa, a moscato, or a FernetLet them know you came through us.

Lo de Luca bar: Alsina 451, San Telmo. . Almost touching Casa Rosada, this historic building from the XVIII century is one of the first five houses ever built in BA. Niní Marshall and Luca Prodan lived and chilled here.
Bar, pizza, culture, events, rock films on wednesdays, 8pm. Hundred percent local people.
Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 7pm to... very very late!
Name us, and you´ll get: special prices + special entrance to the roof with the cute downtown view -and Luca´s room- for friends of the house.

Don Telmo.  México 972, San Telmo . t.: 156 1462626. Live music!... Nightime on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. A big, warm, recycled loft, with easy, quick meals and all kinds of drinks (pizza, pasta, sandwiches, beers, wines, sodas, liquors, you name it), affordable prices, and, of course, good attention: this is the place of the neighborhood to watch the upcoming bands, the independent rockandrollers from BA; what´s really going on on the underground scene: you´ll simply find people into music, coming in and checking out what´s up with live music lately. Take our flyer with you and you´ll get an even better price.

La Giralda. Corrientes 1453, downtown. Its speciality: the typical (spanish-heritage) chocolate con churros, but, in this case, ask for it the argentinian way: churros with dulce de leche. Very porteña atmosphere, you´ll see some tourist from time to time, but mostly, locals will meet here... specially: artists, culture people from the theatres, people that go looking for books... the classic, argentinian-spanish style, intellectual, cerebral bar; Bar Británico alike. Please mention us.

Taller de Carlo Pelella: Pedro de Mendoza 1667, La Boca (in front of the river) - t. (5411) 4303-8405.
Well known, long time artist from La Boca, Carlo works with metal, gives classes, and naming us you´ll get special prices for whatever service or sculpture you want to get from him. Support the real, underground artists from La Boca!

La Fábrica: Perú and Belgrano st.; San Telmo. . In one of the cutest corners of San Telmo, the Factory is a space full of artists´ateliers, where they work everyday and produce paintings, designed and vintage clothes, graffiti art, and music. Take them our flyer and you´ll be able not only to visit the studios and meet them -this is not a public place-, but also to get discounts for any piece you´d like to get, and the invitation to be part of any of their artistic events and parties, which are very regular. Get mixed up with the people from the neighborhood!

Los Juguetes de Tati: Bolívar 970 (Mercado San Telmo-San Telmo Market), store number 7003. This store contains plenty of old objects and toys, from last century and more recent, from 20 or 30 years ago; argentinian-born, and from anywhere else (E.T. dummies, Mickey Mouses, ancient dolls from our grandmothers, etc). Very similar to what we may find in our tour together at the Museo de la Ciudad. Affordable prices, good attention; bringing our flyer you´ll get a very special discount.

LIVE TANGO music + dancing
El Tacuarí. Tacuarí 1557, San Telmo. T: 4362 7077 - 15 5964 0086. Tango dancing, orchestras, classes. Accesible prices and a typical San Telmo environment. Bring our flyer and you´ll get a special attention.

Some more interesting stuff...

argentinian contemporary photography
to get 

Marcos López. Here´s the photography book you won´t regret taking home his stuff to, and, if interested, I´ll let you know why, and I´ll show you where to get one for the best price. 

argentinian contemporary painting 
to get

Gerardo Bustos. . A one time architect, Gerardo is now dedicated completely to drawing and painting. Published a few books, has his atelier in Almagro neighborhood -you can visit it-, and his subjects are nude modeling, argentinian culture, tango, intimacy, melancholy... very porteño style. If you´re interested, mention us and you´ll get the best price!

Plus! Information to get some good...
argentinian rock music*:
Here are the artists and records we seriously recommend:

Corpiños en la madrugada
Bunch of this stuff is in english; Luca Prodan was an italian-scottish immigrant. We go together, or I tell you how to get to, the house where he lived-- and passed.

Salud universal

Almendra if you´re into the sixties.
Artaud if you´re into the seventies.
These are true masterpieces.

Clics modernos / Cómo conseguir chicas are really superb albums.

La Dicha en Movimiento

Gulp! First record of the prolific band of the eighties / nineties

Escenas de la vida amorosa. Capture the essence of being a porteño: bars, fondas, melancholy.... and, specially, Paternal - Villa Crespo spirit

40 dibujos ahí en el piso
Acariciando lo áspero
Otro le travaladna
After Sumo, Arnedo and Mollo created a great band; these three records our in my opinion their bests.

 *Or ask us for our cool little compilation of the best argentinian music.